Wolff 700B

YOM 2013
Type Luffing Jib x 2
Internal Climbing
Jib Length 45m (70m upon request)
Mast Height Free standing height: 45.8m
(can be increased upon request)
Max. Capacity 40t @ 4.6-19.5m (2-fall)
Tip Capacity 16.8t @ 45m (2-fall)
Condition Excellent
Specification Details

Kobelco 7250

(Length x Width)
10335 mm x 7470 mm
Boom Length 64.1m (plus fly jib 51.8 m)
Counter Weight 97.1t
Max. Capacity 250t
Hook Block 70t hook plus 13.5t ball hook
Specification Details

Kroll K1000

Type Trolley Jib
Jib Length Up to 78m
Max. Capacity 30t @ 7-33m
Tip Capacity 11t @ 78m
Specification Details

Wolff 630B

YOM 2014
Type Luffing Jib
Jib Length 55m
Up to 70m upon request
Or 60m for 3-fall operation
Mast Height Free standing height: 48.1m
Final height: 93.1m
(can be increased upon request)
Max. Capacity 42t @ 6.2-16m (3-fall)
Please refer to the load chart document for more information
Tip Capacity 8.1t @ 60m (3-fall)
Condition Excellent
Specification Details

Kobelco CKE2500

Type Crawler crane
Boom Length 61m (plus fly jib 30m)
Counter Weight 80.6t
Max. Capacity 250t
Hook Block Ball hook plus 80t
Specification Details

Kroll K1400

YOM 2012
Type Trolley Jib x 3
Jib Length 42.5m
(80m upon request)
Mast Height Free standing height: 54.1m
Free standing height: 62.0m
Free standing height: 77.1m
(Can be increased upon request)
Max. Capacity 60t @ 8.5-28.7m (6-part)
60t @ 8.5-28.7m (6-part)
60t @ 8.5-28.7m (6-part)
Tip Capacity 37.6t @ 42.5m (6-part)
29.6t @ 51.8m (6-part)
23.0t @ 63.4m (6-part)
Condition Excellent
Specification Details

Wolffkran 320B

YOM 1998
Type Luffing Jib
Jib Length 50m
Mast Height Free standing height:40.5m
Max.Capacity 14t @ 5.0-15.0m (1-fall)
Tip Capacity 5.5t @ 50m (1-fall)
Condition Good
Specification Details

Liebherr HS885HD

Type Crawler crane
Boom Length 32m of longer upon request
Counter Weight 32.5t
Max. Capacity 120t
Specification Details

Kroll K1800

Type Trolley
Jib Length 80m
Max. Capacity 40t @ 9-40m
Tip Capacity 17t @ 80m
Specification Details

Wolff 355B

YOM 2010
Type Luffing Jib x2
Jib Length 40m (60m upon request)
50m (60m upon request)
Mast Height Free standing height: 37.5m
Maximum height: 69.0m
Free standing height: 27m
(both can be increased upon request)
Max. Capacity 14t @ 3.6-33.5m (1-fall)
28t @ 4.5-16.0m (2-fall)
Tip Capacity 11.6t @ 40m (1-fall)
6.7t @ 50m (2-fall)
Condition Excellent
Specification Details

Liebherr HS 895 HD

YOM 2005
(Length x Width)
17500 mm x 6800 mm
Type Crawler Crane
Potencia motor 605 kW
Boom Length up to 84.2m
Counter Weight 55.1t
Max. Capacity 200
(with Heavy Duty boom head)
Condition Excellent
Specification Details

Kroll K2500

Type Trolley
Jib Length 90m
Max. Capacity 40t @ 9-60m
Tip Capacity 22t @ 90m
Specification Details

Wolff 7532.16

Type Trolley Jib
Jib Length 76.6m
Max. Capacity 28t @ 4.5-16.0m (2-fall)
Tip Capacity 6.7t @ 50m (2-fall)
Specification Details

Kϋhnezug Single girder overhead crane

• Spans up to 50 m and capacities up to 63 t
• Optimized lifting height
• High reliability and high overload reserves
• Environmental-friendly and low energy consumption cranes
• Plain girder constructions available
• Fully customizable

Specification Details Specification Details

Kϋhnezug Double girder overhead crane

• Oval girder cranes save up to 30% of dead weight
• Spans up to 50m and capacities up to 350t
• Reduction of building height by extra low headroom
• Deployable for very heavy application
• Plain girder construction available
• Fully customizable

We have supplied the following model to COD

YOM 2015
Type Double girder overhead crane
Trolley span 1.95m
Long travel distance 13.5m
Capacity 2.5ton
Height of lift 154m
Hoisting speed 0-30m/min
Trolly travel speed 1-10m/min
Long travel speed 1-20m/min
Specification Details Specification Details

RINGSCAFF® Stair Towers

The benefits of superior scaffolding, formwork and shoring systems are simply not possible without a wide variety of well-designed and safe, technical solutions for stairs and stair tower assemblies, from simple ladders to spacious stairways. These are integrated into the Scafom-rux range…from simple ladders and spacious stairways and ladder platforms to lightweight aluminium staircases for renovation and façade scaffolding. Welded (load capacity 2kN/m2) and demountable steel stairs (load capacity 3kN/m2) and Emergency/Public Access steel stairs (load capacity 7.5 kN/m2) are also logical components of the Scafom-rux Stair Tower range.
In 4 or 10 leg configurations, a steel stair tower for building heights up to 60m. First and last treads are included in the stair, so no extra components are required. Handrail standard face braces can be used. The 4 leg configuration uses consoles with decks as circulation platform.

Configuration Platform staircase
Aluminium staircases for various systems and in a range of sizes. Additional accessories and components, safe stair towers can be configured for any location, any specific situation. Properly anchored, different configurations of this stair tower can be built for scaffold or building access up to heights of 70m. Load capacity: class 3 (2kN/m2).

Configuration Emergency/Public Access Steel Stair
Flexible and strong, steel stair configuration, using standard steel decks up to 2.07m width as treads. The handrail for the 1.5m rise is “child safe” safety handrail with vertical bars. The 2m rise stair configurations use face braces as the hand and knee rail. Configurations built with 16 legs, with appropriate dimensions, as and when required. Load capacity of 7.5kN/m2.

Fabricated from Ø48.3mm tube for easy integration with the scaffold system, via standard couplers. Ladders interconnected by means of spigots and bolts. Individual configuration can be extended/expanded with gates and guardrails for additional safety.

Ladder Platform
Aluminium and plywood ladder platforms in various systems, sizes and configurations. Easy, simple access to the scaffold. Ladder is secured with a latch under the platform. Convenient transportation. Ladder Platforms smaller than 2.57m delivered with separate ladder. The cover opens only to 85°. When open it has to be pushed and held.  Load capacity: Class 3 (2kN/m2).

Specification Details


RINGSCAFF® modular scaffolding

RINGSCAFF® is the star performer of every Scafom-rux Professional Scaffolding system.  Versatile and exceptionally stable, RINGSCAFF® is compatible with conventional, modular scaffolding systems. It guarantees international standards of functionality, safety, adaptability and durability. However, RINGSCAFF® has its own approval certificates – thanks to separate, external and internationally recognized test procedures – which allow RINGSCAFF® to be mixed with compatible systems.

Application: Façade scaffolding, support structures, complex access, industrial scaffolding, off-shore sector, shipbuilding.
Load bearing capacity up to 6 kN
Rapid assembly and disassembly
Own approval: Z-8.22-869 (EN 12810/12811) and AS/NZS 1576-4576
Mixed material approval 07 dimension: Z-8.22-901
Mixed material approval 09 dimension: Z-8.22-911


Specification Details Specification Details Download Video

MOBILO® Aluminium Rolling scaffold


A secure workplace in heights up to 10.2m and it is both mobile and resilient.
MOBILO 800 scaffolding offers specific solutions with just a few self-securing plug connections. All MOBILO models can be extended and at the same time constitute the basis for many special constructions, e.g. suspended scaffolds.

Mobilo mobile scaffolds

• Few basic elements
• Super-light individual parts
• Predominantly quick-fit connections for fast assembly times
• Self-locking clamps
• Space-saving storage

Specification Details


When a secure workplace needs more space, Mobilo 1400 is the optimum choice, offering almost double the depth of working space when compared to Mobilo 800. It is also a case of simply assembling with plug connections and self-securing claws, for safe and rapid assembly. In terms of safe and practical possibilities: the sky is the limit.

Mobilo mobile scaffolds

• Few basic elements
• Super-light individual parts
• Predominantly quick-fit connections for fast assembly times
• Self-locking clamps
• Space-saving storage

Specification Details Specification Details

DURALOK® Shoring scaffold

• A single action fixes four components in one go. This means short assembly and dismantling times.
• Standards with fixed connection points spaced 50 cm apart
• All parts are completely hot-dip galvanised
• Scafom-rux supplies DURALOK standards in lengths of 0.50 to 3.00 metres.
• Ledgers are available in sizes from 0.25 m up to a length of 3.00 metres.
• Vertical diagonals provide the stability your structure requires. Available for spaces between 0.75 x 2.00 metres and 3.00 x 2.00 metres.
• Can be used as modular scaffolding system and/or shoring system

Specification Details Specification Details

SBS 135® (Scafom-rux Beam System) Formwork system

The modular and versatile lightweight Scafom-rux Beam System (SBS-135) can be used in conjunction with the widely accepted and certified DURALOK® shoring system. The primary supports of the SBS-135 system — optimized double steel U-profiles — have fitting holes along their entire length. Employing various lightweight components, virtually any form of shuttering construction can therefore be built in a single and very smooth operation.  Lightweight steel I-beams function as secondary supports and, when positioned correctly, robust form decking is secured on top, creating a safe platform work area and additional structural rigidity. Typical of the easy versatility of SBS-135 is that H20 timber supports can also be installed.

Another clear advantage of SBS135, separate segments of the shuttering system can be assembled on the ground. These so-called “prefab constructions” elements can then be placed in position by crane. The end result is an exceptionally safe work method that creates shorter and thus more cost effective changeover times.

Specification Details Specification Details

SPS® (Scafom-rux Power System) Heavy Duty Shoring

Robust and tough, SPS is an excellent heavy duty shoring system. Safe working loads up to approx 30 ton per standard. Scafom-rux Power System is highly reliable in situations involving heavy loads. Sturdy engineering is, of course, very important in these situations and Scafom-rux has appropriate solutions that take into account carefully calculated project costs and customised solutions based on safety, reliability and feasibility.

Specification Details Specification Details

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At Proficiency (HK), we understand each construction is a tough row to hoe. Main Contractors aim to solve the urging issue in the most cost-efficient way, but they are often overwhelmed by the variety of equipment brands and options. Proficiency (HK) is here to bridge this gap between the contractor and the manufacturer, as we seek only the best equipment customised just for our clients. Just send us your enquires and our team of professional engineers will solve your problem at the drop of a hat.